Renee's Cheese Ball

  • Mixing Bowl
  • Chopping board
  • Serving plate
  • 1 8 oz. package of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
  • 1 2.25 oz package of Underwood Deviled Ham
  • 2 green onions
  • 1 2.25 oz. package of pecan pieces
  • 1 box Wheat Thins

  • Finely chop the 2 green onions without the stems

    Combine the Cream Cheese, Deviled Ham and Chopped Onion into Mixing Bowl

    Chill for one hour or until firm

    Shape the mixture into a ball

    Cover the ball with pecan pieces

    Place on serving plate and surround with wheat thins

    From Renee Eiserman

    Cooking Page Copyrighted December 2008. Suggest a link to: Mark Eiserman
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