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Renee Eiserman
This is a loving tribute to my wife Renee Eiserman

Every day in her own special way my wife Renee has a imparted her knowledge of culinary cuisine, business acumen, style and worldly travel to improve the quality of life for her family. She has shared her enjoyment of traveling with the family to such places as the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Miami, New Orleans, Orlando, Reno/Lake Tahoe and San Francisco.

Renee is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E. I. Wiesman of Southlake, Texas. She is a graduate of Keller High School and attended Steven F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, TX. She has been an award winning employee of American Airlines and its subsidiaries.

Renee and I were married on June 17, 1989. We have a 9 year old son Austin who is a third grade honor roll student.

Renee's best personal qualities include being a loving, caring wife and mother; creativity, intuition and sense of humor. In the workplace she is known for her attention to detail and thoroughness, creativity and willingness to help co-workers and customers.

Renee's recreational interest include collecting Angels, computer games, crossword puzzles, Gone With The Wind memorabilia, jigsaw puzzles, reading, shopping, traveling and watching old movies.

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